A photography contest picks the most gorgeous Italian harbour

A photography contest picks the most beautiful Italian harbour

Santa Maria di Leuca and its harbour at night (Photo credits: Giovanni De Micheli)

A photo contest launched by the Italian website Dizy.com has elected, through its users' votes, the most gorgeous harbour in Italy. 
The 2.0 platform is used to share the most beautiful photos and each week there is a small contest to pick the nicest photo for a specific theme, chosen by the users through a survey. Photos are then judged by a system of cross- voting which selects the top three of each week. All points accumulated each month will help choose, at the end of year, the best author.
The contest for the most gorgeous harbour chose Santa Maria di Leuca, which is famous for the iconic lighthouse. With its height of 47 metres, and position at 102 metres above sea level, it is the second most important lighthouse in Italy, after Genoa. The harbour lies at the extreme southern part of the ‘heel’ of the Italian boot, where the Ionian and Adriatic seas cross. It is a popular harbour for yachts transiting through the Golfo di Taranto going to Greece or Sicily. 

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