Italy mourns Micol Fontana, the famous fashion designer

Italy mourns Micol Fontana

From far left, Micol, Zoe, and Giovanna in their atelier in Rome


Micol, the third of Fontana sisters, died today at the age of 101. The three sisters began to work in their mother's tailoring business: indeed, Zoë and Micol worked in Milan in the early 1930s but Zoë moved to Paris after her marriage, returning to Italy, to work for Zecca in Rome. In 1940, Micol and Giovanna moved to Rome and three years later Zoë, Micol, and Giovanna opened Fontana studio in Palazzo Orsini in Rome, designing and producing gowns for the Roman aristocracy and many film stars.
The first catwalk presentation of Italian Alta Moda was held in Florence in 1951 but the brand incorporated as Sorelle Fontana Alta Moda SrL by Micol Fontana only 1985. Micol became famous for designing Grace Kelly, Liz Taylor, Audrey Hepburn e Anita Ekberg most known dresses.

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