A new record for the biggest Tiramisù set in Gemona

A new record for the biggest Tiramisù set in Gemona

Pastry chefs working to complete the giant tiramisù

A new Guinnes World Record has been set for the biggest tiramisù and it could only come from Italy! Weighing in at 3,015 kilos (6,613lbs), it has been made by 200 people, including 30 chefs from across the area, who prepared 250 trays of Tiramisù total.
The big dessert was made for a local competition in order to break the record of the one made in 2014 in Piove di Sacco, in the Veneto region. Gemona is now the place showing in the Guinness World Records website.
As stated by Conserva's vice president, Mirko Ricci, "Only when we started making preparations this year, the Guinness World Record judge Lorenzo Veltri told us that this record had already been broken in Bahrain. So we had to recalculate!” 

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