A copy of Duomo's Madonnina for Expo visitors

A copy of Duomo's Madonnina for Expo visitors

A copy of the Madonnina at Expo

If you are visiting Milan for the 2015 Expo, you cannot miss the reproduction of Madonnina, built by Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo and placed in the area where Nigeria’s pavilion should have been risen, at the beginning of the exposition’s main street.
The statue will be raised, on a structure that recalls the Milanese cathedral and can be reached by a short staircase.
The decision of making an imitation of Madonnina was made "in order to give to all citizens and visitors, believers or not, the emotion of being able to gaze at such an important city sign, Milan’s symbol, from a unique point of view", said Monsignor Gianantonio Borgonovo, Fabbrica’s president, confirming the will of the Fabbrica of putting the statue in Duomo as the BOD decided. "Expo" he added "represents all the institutions, national and local, of the city of which symbol is Madonnina, it’s a unique occasion of making the work become a truly unifying symbol".

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