"Donatello Svelato": three Crucifixes in one single exhibition in Padua

"Donatello Svelato": three Crucifixes in one single exhibition in Padua

The Crucifix coming from Santa Maria dei Servi Church

It will be hard not to get emotional by looking at the three Crucifixes by Donatello displayed in one solo exhibition called "Donatello unveiled. Masterpieces in comparison ", set in the halls of the Diocesan Museum of Padua, from March 27th through July 26th.
The curators of the exhibition decided to use the word "revealed" because for the first time three similar masterpieces by the Italian sculpture will get together in the same place, showing the abilities of working with different materials in order to produce similar artworks. The crucifixes come from different cities: the one made for the Santa Croce Cathedral in Florence, dating around 1406-1408; the second one is the bronze coming from the Basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua (1443-1449); and the third one from the local Chiesa dei Servi, for whom the tradition talks about a miracle in 1512, when the wooden statue started bleeding.
The exhibition is held at the Museo Diocesano in Padua and it is an excellent opportunity to look at the three masterpieces all at one. More information through the Museum link here

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