Italy to propose art of Neapolitan pizza making for UNESCO list

Italy to propose art of Neapolitan pizza making for UNESCO list

According to farmers' association Coldiretti, around four in 10 pizza makers in Italy are non-Italian. Indeed, at least 100K people are employed in the pizza sector on a regular basis with an additional 50,000 people hired at weekends to meet the rise in demand.
Out of them, 65 thousands are Italian while, among the foreigners, most of them come from Egypt (approximately 20,000) and Morocco (over 10,000). Coldiretti has also reported that there 6 thousand vacant pizza-making jobs across the sector around Italy.
Finally, an Italy's UNESCO commission has been created to help a proposal to include the art of the traditional Neapolitan pizza maker in the UN cultural organisation's Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage: "Inclusion of pizza in the UNESCO list protects a business that generates 10 billion euros in Italy alone, in the roughly 63,000 pizzerias and take-away joints, outlets serving pizza by the slice and providing home delivery".

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