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The 2010 Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet has just been released. Blending was finished in 2011, then aged 2 years in oak barrels and 2 years in bottles.


A movie premier would pale in comparison. A presidential inauguration  would need more star-power to match up.  New Years Eve at the Ritz might not attract enough thirsty wine drinkers as the annual coming-out event for the latest vintage Silver Oak Napa Valley Release Day.  The latest was orchestrated by owner David Duncan last month at the Silver Oak headquarters in Oakville.


“Life is a Cabernet” is the strike-it-rich Silver Oak marketing phrase for the Duncan family, the standard bearer for Napa Valley cabernet for some 45 years.  In front of the winery and tasting room is the iconic water tower, which is also in front on every wine label. 


Margarite Triemstra, President of  San Diego Women On Wine, is a long-time wine club member and customer who rarely misses Silver Oak Release Day.  I asked her what it is that draws her to this event each year.  “Release Day sizzles,” she enthused.  “They have had them for two decades.  It’s a great event with many celebrity guests.  They never run out of wines.  The gourmet food and music is great.  The latest vintage 2010 is already 5 years old so you can drink it now…no need to wait.  For sure I’ll be pouring it at my next dinner party”

  The new 2010 vintage Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon was released ( $99.95), at winery headquarters in Oakville, Napa Valley. 

  The new 2010 vintage Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon was released ( $99.95), at winery headquarters in Oakville, Napa Valley. 


Actually the new release 2010 cabernet is blended to a small but effective degree, with 84% cab, 13% merlot, 2% petite verdot and 1% cabernet franc from carefully selected vineyards throughout the appellation.  This was done in 2011 allowing the winery to achieve a balance of the natural elements of the fruit and tannins, before being influenced by the oak barrel storage.


A lot of the accolades for Silver Oak have to go to only 3 winemakers   in the 45 year history of the winery:  now retired Justin Meyer, wine director Daniel Baron and current winemaker Nate Weis.  A division of Silver Oak that is of similar quality, yet at a value price, is Twomey cellars, founded in 1999.


San Diegans will get a chance to thoroughly enjoy both Silver Oak and Twomey wines with the 5 course cuisine of Solare Italian Restaurant in the Pt Loma district, Wednesday April 1 starting at 6:45pm, with a reception at 6:15pm. The new Silver Oak 2010 will be paired  along with two other Silver Oak wines and two Twomey wines.  Solare Chef Accursio promises a dinner that will be unforgettable at  $118. per person. RSVP at 619-270-9670


 If you’re unsure about how the economy is going, check out the strength  of high end wine consumption, like Silver Oak. In a recent CNBC interview with Dave Duncan, Duncan said that “2014 holiday wine sales were up 16% over the previous year’s record  sales. Lots of folks are celebrating the good times with a bottle of cabernet.” 

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