How to make a superb pasta sauce using cherry tomatoes!

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You’re Italian and you know there’s no better tomato sauce than the one made with your garden tomatoes! The smell and the flavour of garden tomatoes is one of the best memories I have of my childhood! I remember those snacks in summer afternoons at nonna’s house, when we used to play outside: a big slice of bread, sliced fresh tomato and extra virgin olive oil! That’s why, when it’s summer, I still prefer eating my big, garden tomatoes with bread or in a salad and make my pasta sauce using cherry tomatoes. It’s easy to make and you’ll find the taste quite different!

A bunch of cherry tomatoes (about 20)

1 garlic clove  

1 small red hot pepper

Some basil leaves


Extra virgin olive oil


Cut your tomatoes in half. Put olive oil in a frying pan with garlic and hot pepper. Sauté until the garlic clove is golden; then add cherry tomatoes and salt. Cook for 5-7 minutes then flambé with a spoon of Brandy. Keep cooking until the sauce is thick. Add basil. If you reduce the sauce too much, simply add a bit of water.

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