Italy Mourns Maria Mandelli, Italian Fashion Designer, dead at 90

Italy Mourns Maria Mandelli, Italian Fashion Designer, dead at 90

Maria Mandelli, Italian Fashion Designer, founded Krizia Brand

Designer Maria Mandelli, who founded fashion house Krizia, has died at 90. Mandelli, known as Krizia, “has been an extraordinary and innovative designer,” M.M.K said in the statement. With her work she “helped create and support internationally a typically Italian model of elegance.”
At its peak in the Nineties, Mandelli and her husband, company chairman Aldo Pinto, had developed Krizia into a $500 million business, leveraging a string of licenses and a global network of stores.
The one-time power couple have been battling health issues for years. Without a second generation to helm the brand, Krizia’s volume is now believed to be miniscule and its assets include the Milan store and the label’s stately palazzo, where the shows are held.

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