Top 5 things to do in Venice

Top 5 things to do in Venice

Crossing the four bridges in the Canal Grande is one of the top five things to do in Venice

Going to Venice? Here a classic shortlist of the top 5 things to do.

1. Going to Burano

Burano is one of the many islands around Venice, and together with Murano (which is not the same place) also one of the most visited. This island is famous for the multi-colored houses that all together look like an artist’s palette. There are also two other upsides in visiting this place: 1) You’ll take a fascinating trip by vaporetto in the bay around Venice. 2) You’ll spend some time far from the big crowds of the center, listening to the quiet of Burano and walking  with no rush this romantic and seemingly distant place. To reach it, take the line n° 12 from Fondamenta Nove (that passes also by Murano).

2. Crossing the four bridges on Canal Grande

Canal Grande is the main canal that crosses Venice from North-West to South-East. All the city rotates around it. There are only four bridges that cross it, and I’m sure you already know at least two. In order. The first is the wooden bridge of Accademia, the southern most and second oldest of the four, built in 1848-1866. The second, the famous Ponte di Rialto, also the oldest. The current structure dates back to 1591, but the original wooden bridge that was at it’s place was built in 1250. Third, the most recent one. Built only a few years ago, ponte della Costituzione, also known as ponte di Calatrava from the architect who designed it. Lastly, ponte degli Scalzi right in front of the train station and dates 1934.

3. Getting lost

I know, this seems bad, but you’ll have to get used to it, since it’s pretty normal, sometimes even for locals! Don’t worry, the center of Venice is not that big, and even if you get lost you can’t go anywhere, you’re surrounded by water! Seriously, there are no bad areas in Venice, no bad neighbourhoods so keep calm and enjoy the sightseeing. You might discover new places of Venice, far from the crowds and still even more magical than the touristic places.

4. Romantic walk at Zattere during sunset

Zattere is honestly one of my favourite places in Venice. It’s the southern side of the island and has one of the longest and most romantic walks you could have in the city, especially during the evening. The walk takes about 30 minutes and will take you up until Punta della Dogana, the ancient “customs” of Venice, where you will be able to take a breathtaking view of Piazza San Marco from the other side of Canal Grande. On the other side, to your right, you’ll see the island of Giudecca, with its tall buildings (for the Venetian average), and by evening you’ll see the most romantic sunset on the bay of Venice. What else can you ask? There two amazing and very typical osterie near Zattere at Rio de S. Trovaso. (unlike the restaurants at Zattere that are rather touristic).

5. Bacaro tour

Venice is a very drink friendly city, famous for the typical local Spritz (see also our top 5 things to eat and drink in Venice), and on the even brighter side: there are no cars in Venice! You can’t drive, and you don’t have to worry about how much you drink! Awesome, yes? As we’ve said in other occasions, a bacaro is the place to be in Venice. It’s like an osteria, a bar shall we say, specialized in wine that also serves local food in the form of very tempting finger foods that we call cicchetti. Most of these cicchetti are made with fish, being Venice an island, and all of them are amazing. The wines also are all wonderful, and most importantly you’ll end up in a real local experience. Have we said before that in order to find good food you must go where the locals go?

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