New LED system to light up St. Peter's Square

New LED lighting to light St. Peter's Square up

St Peter square at sunset

A new lighting system illuminates the bubbling fountains of St. Peter's Square and the Via della Conciliazione from Friday ready to be admired by pilgrims arriving in Rome for the Jubilee.
The lights in the via della Conciliazione, the fountains of St Peter's Square and the Bernini colonnade have been transformed into LED lighting and the artistic structures of the lamps in metal and brass also have been restored. The new light that will illuminate the area most affected by the influx of pilgrims has been installed in the antique lamps and lanterns along the avenue that links Rome and the Vatican City.
It is well known that LED lights with hot tones create an intensification of light capable of giving more value to monuments making the architectural and artistic As details more visible. There are also notable energy savings generating significant savings for the city's utility bill. LED lighting already is active on the dome of St Peter's Basilica and on that of the Basilica of St. Mary Major and has been used in the Schuster park next to the Basilica of St Paul outside the walls. Lighting also is being substituted at the Sant'Angelo, Victor Emanuel II and Umberto I bridges over the Tiber.


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