Visiting Trajan's Forum using reality glasses

Visiting Trajan's Forum using reality glasses

A new experience at the Mercati di Traiano

The Museum of the Imperial Forums in Trajan's Market introduced a new app as part of an experimental two-month project called Glass Beacon Museum, which will allow visitors to experience the museum interactively through the use of augmented reality visors.
Through the project, marbles suddenly come to life, bringing visitors into a new dimension where to experience history, anecdotes, and much more. The unique experience is possible at the Museum of the Imperial Forums in Trajan's Market in Rome, thanks to the experimental project "Glass Beacon Museum: The Museum of the Future".
No longer audioguides, but glasses of the latest technology that locate the visitor within the museum and, based on his or her position, automatically supply a wealth of information that goes well beyond the description of what they're admiring. In fact, the beacons - low-frequency Bluetooth nodes - allow the visitor to be located, and the augmented reality visors on the glasses integrate the components of a computer or a smartphone for visualizing images, video, and 3D animations that regard the cultural heritage on display in the museum. The augmented reality virtual itinerary is made up of 14 different points of interest located between the first and second floors and two external points, one on the first terrace and the other on Via della Torre.

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