Stay and Visit Italy with the Orofino Family!

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Paddle along the coast of Southern Italy at Orofino's fun canoe tours


When with the Orofinos, do as the Orofinos. The Orofino family will travel with you as if you were part of their lively Italian family.  On the Orofino’s Stay and Visit Italy tours, guests will STAY in four star hotels and VISIT regions like Tuscany, Lazio, and Umbria with exciting day trips. Avoiding tourist frenzies and pasta imposters, the Orofinos ensure that guests enjoy authentic Italian history, culture, and, most importantly, cuisine. 
The Orofino dynasty originated with the merging of two families, the Giovannozzis of Abruzzo and the Orofinos of Sicily. Francesco Orofino of Naples and his three sons Giorgio, Fabio, and Luca, opened their first hotel - The Grand Hotel Suisse Resort & Spa - in 1975, and now they own one of the largest family-run hotel chains in Italy, Aurum Hotels. 
  Stay and relax by the poolside at the Orofino's luxurious Aurum Hotels 

  Stay and relax by the poolside at the Orofino's luxurious Aurum Hotels 

The Orofinos boast, “We take pride in the authenticity of our tours – we are Italians showing off our country through our tours.”  In fact, many of the hotels are part of their Aurum Hotel chain. These hotels are off the tourist path, giving guests a more local, Italian experience. 
Located on the Bay of Salerno, the Grand Hotel Punta Licosa Resort embodies the serene beauty of Aurum Hotels. The Hotel Punta Licosa boasts a remarkable view of the crystalline sea, set upon a private white sand beach with relaxing sun chairs and beach umbrellas. 
The Orofinos’ Amalfi Coast and Rome Tour includes visits to Naples, Ischia, Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Pompeii, and Rome. The tour kicks off with a welcome cocktail upon arrival and includes a 9-day guided tour, deluxe motor coaches and boats, and 17 delicious buffet meals. You will delight in a scenic surf and turf dining experience.
The volcanic island of Ischia stands out as the gem of the majestic Tyrrhenian Sea. Travellers savor strolls along the historic walls of the Aragonese Castle, constructed in 1438 by Alfonso of Aragon. It frames the Bay of Naples with its beautiful archways, terraces, and gardens.
Then, you can island hop to Capri to taste limoncello and breathe in the citrusy lemon orchards. The shopping inclined can opt to take the vista-filled funicular up to the Piazza Umberto I and explore fancy restaurants and luxury boutiques where you can purchase handmade ceramics made by local artisans. 
The Stay and Visit Italy tours have mini busses with expert drivers, sleek hydrofoils, boats, and ferries. The tour groups are relatively small, rarely surpassing 20 people to guarantee a more personal touch.
Feel free to explore on your own, leisurely sip an espresso the “Italian way” at a sidewalk cafè, or perhaps get a relaxing massage at the hotel. Most of the Orofino tour itineraries allow plenty of time for this. 
The Orofinos’ motto is “from our family to yours.” With over 40 years of experience in the hotel and travel industry and 20 years serving the American community, as well as being one of the largest family-owned hotel chains in Italy, they are well prepared to plan your vacation with the special Orofino family touch.

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