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Singing, dancing and even walking in the rain just got a little easier thanks to the creation of RainUP, an innovative way to keep your shoes, even those three inch stilettos, dry throughout the rainy season. The RainUP “copriscarpe,” as they are called in Italian, have been showing up at New York’s fashion week, throughout Europe, and are now on their way to stores in America.


Whether you are experiencing a light shower or torrential rains, you can now venture outside in style, confident that your shoes will remain dry.  No more will you need to make that mad dash from the car to your destination thanks to these clever creations while you can finally say “ciao” to those muddy shoes and heavy awkward rain boots.


I sat down to talk with RainUP and here is what they had to say regarding their line, their research and development, and how their overshoes will help keep us looking fancy and finecome rain or come shine.”



GL: The idea of RainUP is a combination of style and practical functionality. How did the idea come about?


RainUP: The idea came from an advertisement found on the internet which depicted the famous American galoshes in the 1950s.  The RainUP overshoes are a remake of American practicality but with Italian design. Since within the northern regions, especially in Milan, our city of origin - rain is abundant throughout the year; we saw a need that had not yet been fulfilled. A practical, functional and yet glamorous accessory that would protect shoes while being perfect for going out on the town, to work or a day off without ruining your outfit and in particular, while giving you the ability to wear high heels in a downpour.

GL: Explain to the readers how your product works.


RainUP: The RainUP overshoes (corpriscarpe) are very practical, and are truly “portable umbrellas made for shoes". Contained in a waterproof pouch with its own handle (to be worn over the shoulder or tossed in your purse), the overshoes are light and foldable, and hence, are easy to carry around. The way to use them is simple: Just remove them from the pouch when needed, place them over your shoes (even high heels), then adjust the Velcro closure. Once at your destination, just take them off and store them in the pouch. And there you have it: your outfit and favorite shoes are not ruined, while your feet remain dry.


GL: Building your brand and maintaining the level of your success must have required hours upon hours of hard work and passion. Moreover, how have you dealt with the global financial situation?


RainUP: The initial building period is undoubtedly difficult...but “the Italian creativity” is in our DNA and nobody can take that away. The “voyage” from concept to the final product is a complicated one and the result of years of trials, analysis, and constant work on improving the product. The Research and Development is long and complicated due to the need to incorporate functionality, style while respecting the environment. The material used is “100% riciclabile” (recycled). The end product is obtained with the use of special technology which makes it completely waterproof while ensuring the stylistic aspect without showing the seams.


To cope with the crisis, we are branching out to foreign markets where the Made in Italy brand is always admired and sought because it is synonymous with glamour and quality. We are already working on widening the product range that will include both a new model for children and new additions to the woman’s line.


GL: What differentiates your product from those in circulation?


RainUP: We're talking about a product that is absolutely unique and original when it comes to its kind, and “style.” In fact, we patented both the brand and the product.  Compared to the bulky rain boots, our shoecovers have the advantage of being worn over shoes so there is no need to bring spare shoes nor do you have to look out your window at the weather to decide what to wear. RainUP is a relatively young brand but with a maturity of ideas that are ready to be developed into what we like to define as the world of a "modern day Cinderella’s accessories,” made for that the dynamic woman who will not stop at anything, not even in the rain!  We always say, “if it rains, take it easy with RainUP.” Because with RainUP, rain is no longer a problem, as it transforms a gray day into an occasion of fun. Just jump into a rain puddle wearing our overshoes and you will immediately have that joy that takes you back to your childhood.


GL: Goals for your brand?


RainUP: To find distributors who are not only innovators and pioneers but who also believe in the enormous potential that a product like RainUP can offer; while continuing to develop the product line in order to meet the needs of the public. We hope to establish partnerships in order to create customized limited editions (with other brands, local events, etc.)


For More, visit www.rainup.it and www.facebook.com/RainUPofficial Follow RainUP on Instagram #rainupofficial


Special thanks to Press Agent, Katya Marletta


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