The Latest from Down South: A Look at Napoli’s Artistic Pursuits

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Giuseppe Nappa con la valletta Aurora Rosalba Carandente premia il grande cantante e attore Mario Da Vinci.


Screenwriter Giuseppe Cossentino and entertainment presenter Giuseppe Nappa have much more than their first names in common. They also represent Napoli’s newest generation of young, hot talent who are bringing to the public a series of innovative projects, and work in the field of entertainment. The two are now combining their efforts in an effort to showcase the heart and the beauty of their beloved city, Napoli.


INTRIGO:  After his highly successful webseries “Passioni Senza Fine,” a first of its kind, Giuseppe Cossentino has brought to the internet another new series: Intrigo. Packed with all the passion and action of his first series, Intrigo is based upon the character, Silvia Ferraris, a bourgeois woman from Napoli, and her unhappy marriage to arrogant businessman, Leonardo Ferraris. The drama quickly builds when Silvia falls in love with Leonardo’s son, Thomas. Upon learning about his wife’s secret love,  Leonardo is quick to seek revenge on his wife’s betrayal.  The voices of Silvia, Leonardo and Thomas are played by a cast of  Italian actors: Eleonora Baliani, Angelo Favale and Mirko Ferramola. This new series will be presented later this year at local and international festivals.

  L'attrice napoletana Anna Capasso con  Emanuela Tittocchia in una scena del corto "Napoli nel cuore"

  L'attrice napoletana Anna Capasso con  Emanuela Tittocchia in una scena del corto "Napoli nel cuore"


Le Belle MelodieNapoli’s Festival of Song: This past month,  journalist and entertainment presenter Giuseppe Nappa celebrated the music of Napoli with a special festival. Written by Giuseppe Cossentino and created by Nappa, Le Belle Melodie was held at the Teatro Scugnizzo di Materdie. Tina Piccolo, the famous poet, and Mario Da Vinci, the famed singer who helped bring the music of Napoli around the world,  were the festival’s honorary guests. Many of the artists performed songs that have been recognized in past music festivals. The event, sponsored by the generous support of Luigi Guarino, J.D,  was a huge success as the packed audience applauded and sang along, while holding dear to the songs that are forever a part of Napoli’s heritage and heart.


Napoli Del Cuore:  This month,  screenwriter Giuseppe Cossentino will make his directorial debut with a short documentary that will be based on the book, Napoli Nel Cuore, a novel written by Tina Piccolo and Giuseppe Nappa.  In the short, Cossentino will highlight its true star: the city of Napoli.  Using a first person narrative, the film will showcase the city’s culture, cuisine, theater, and history which has all been handed down over the centuries.


The cast will include the extraordinary participation of the television series star, Emanuela Tittocchia, who is joined by Neapolitan actors Anna Capasso and actor Mariano Mascolo. Each of the actors will then present an important message about his city, while giving an honest portrayal of Napoli’s current situation and challenges. The film will be presented at different film festivals, and furthermore,  will be showed on air while being distributed throughout Italy.  


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