Caffè Dolci: An Authentic Italian Dessert House

Aliah Warmund, owner of two Caffè Dolci stores in San Francisco, offers home-made fresh Gelato

Aliah Warmund, owner of two Caffè Dolci stores in San Francisco, offers over 25 flavors of home-made fresh Gelato


 For those who have traveled at least once to Italy and indulged in the genuine flavors of La Dolce Vita, there is finally a new place in The City where you can find authentic desserts and many more unique delicacies.
 Italian dessert and espresso

 Italian dessert and espresso

 Inspired by her extensive travels to Italy and Europe, owner Aliah Warmund of “Caffè Dolci” brings the experience of a real dessert-caffè house to San Franciscans, using only fresh ingredients and imported products from Italy.
 “Before in San Francisco there were only gelato to-go shops,” Aliah tells us with her warm smile.  “Now Caffè Dolci invites customers to sit down and have an espresso to feel authentic, while enjoying Italian gelato made every day in the house. (She offers) Coppas, semifreddo, tiramisù, pannacotta, hot chocolate, handcrafted desserts. We also have fresh panini for lunch time, made daily with bread from a local bakery in North Beach.”
 What makes "Caffè Dolci" really special is the authenticity concerning the art of making gelato. Beside over twenty five home-made flavors with famous Carpigiani machine, this sweet mecca offers delicious cakes, bars, and the real specialty of the house: gelato panini, as you will find in traditional gelateria shops in Italy.
For all those new to this delicacy, it is an exquisite combination between a warm fresh brioche bun and your favorite choice of ice-cold gelato, producing a unique pleasure to the palate.
  The house specialty "Gelato Panini" combines a warm brioche with ice-cold gelato

  The house specialty "Gelato Panini" combines a warm brioche with ice-cold gelato

Years in the dessert industry, owner Aliah Warmund took inspiration to develop her dream from different cities she visited like Venice, Milano, Sanremo, Sorrento and Positano. 
Initially she took the idea  for  an original gelato panini while in a shop on the Amalfi Coast, then she found it again in Northern Italy, where she met Marco Marchesi supplier for gelato products directly to the Unites States. 
“The first time I’ve seen a gelato panini machine I thought it was a great idea as it was not brought to the U.S. yet, and they had the same thing in Vienna, Austria, where there is a big pastry tradition influenced by the proximity to Italy.
“Next January, 2014 I’ll be in Rimini for a big gelato convention where I’ll take classes, attend workshops and learn more about this beautiful art.” 
The first "Caffè Dolci" opened last February, 2013, in the Marina District of San Francisco, and became immediately very successful. 
  Following the opening of the store in the Marina district,  a new location will be open on Columbus avenue

  Following the opening of the store in the Marina district,  a new location will be open on Columbus avenue

A new store will be now open on Columbus Avenue at Beach Street, close to iconic Fisherman’s Wharf and walking distance from the Italian neighborhood of North Beach. 
  For the joy of all espresso lovers, the brand new location will be operating from 7:00 A.M. everyday serving Illy Caffè, plus a wide selection of gelato, waffles, cupcakes, pastries and, in sight of upcoming Chirstmas holidays, handmade Panettone cakes to celebrate festivities Italian style.  
3101 Fillmore St. San Francisco 94123, (415) 563-8101, Monday-Sunday,11:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.
1331 Columbus Ave. (NEW STORE), San Francisco 94133, (415) 678 4025 , Monday-Sunday, 7:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.

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