Italian children's market "bears" the tradition

Italian children's market "bears" the tradition


The Abruzzese village was everything new to Isabella. In 1967, Marane Palazzo had dirt roads, stables, chickens, and an atmosphere of work, song, and sheep bells. 
Solid, earthy people labored in fields and tended flocks; after chores, children donned black smocks and ran to get to school on time, big shoes caked with muck and straw. 
One December morning, Isabella's family walked the snow-dusted highway from the village to Sulmona where, in Piazza Settembre, a bronze Ovid wore white epaulets and a white skullcap. In Piazza Garibaldi, they bought hand-warming roasted chestnuts rolled in brown paper, and of course their Christmas tree, with roots like a dirt-covered tarantula.
Fast forward four decades. Because of childhood memories like the ones of her year in the Italian village, San Pedro resident Isabella Centofanti, creator of Lingo Bears and Giovanni the Italian Speaking Bear, has recently founded Italian Children's Market, to honor her family's Old World roots.   
The Italian Children's Market is an online store and catalog where you can find books, toys, CDs, DVDs, and other products; perfect tools for fun as well as progressive exploration into the language, land, and culture of Italy.

Giovanni the speaking bear

"Knowing our roots deepens our knowledge of ourselves. We at Italian Children's Market are the children of Old World parents. We yet feel a connection to the ancient village soil and cobbled streets that harbor our roots. But what about our children and our grandchildren?" Separated by time and distance, these young ones are like new leaves that span not only generations of family, but an entire ocean. 
Again and again, parents striving to connect their little "leaves" to the tree to which they belong ask:  How can we make this happen?
It is with genuine care and attention to quality and safety that Isabella hand-picks all the items that stock her shelves. Whether you choose a book, an article of clothing, a Pinocchio straight from the sawdust and paint of Geppetto's own workship, Giovanni the Italian-Speaking Bear, or any other item, we at Italian Children's Market sincerely hope to enrich your child's life through education and an appreciation of his Italian Heritage.
Visit Italian Children’s Market online at: www.ItalianChildrens or call 310-427-2700 for a free catalog.

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