Originally known by its Italian name, “Figli d’Italia,” the Order Sons of Italy in America was established in New York City in 1905, by Italian immigrants in order to assist their countryfolk with obtaining United States citizenship, expanding educational opportunities and providing support to members during times of need. The organization did not establish itself in California until 1922. In the above photo, members of the Pugliese lodge of the Order of Sons of Italy, headquartered in Los Angeles, pose for the baptism of the American and Italian flags in 1926. Puglia is a region in southeastern Italy.  Significant numbers Pugliese from the towns of Canneto, Bitritto and Madrone, Bari settled in the Southern California region. On the right of the banner are Lorenzo Nicassio and Michael Addante. Costanza Addante Fiore is the young girl seated on the right; Maria LaBianca is the young girl seated on the left. 

The mission of the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles is to promote awareness of different cultural heritage of Northern California through research, historic preservation, exhibitions and educational programs that examine the history and ongoing contributions of Italian-Americans in the multi-ethnic Los Angeles and in the United States.

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