Verona, the Italian city of love, will have soon the first Museo dell'amore

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Romeo and Juliet, two young star-crossed lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families.

Verona, the city of love, will have soon a museum called “Museo dell’amore”, the first one worldwide. The idea came from an Italian storyteller, Federico Moccia, well known for writing about love stories such as «Tre metri sopra il cielo» e «Scusa ma ti chiamo amore».

As he said during an interview after meeting with Verona’s Mayor, Flavio Tosi, he always wondered why nobody has ever thought of having a place where to collect all things related to love. Verona, Juliet and Romeo’s town, seems to be the best location for this project. The museum will features thematic multimedia paths as well as art exhibitions, but it will be also opened to host book events and bachelor and bachelorette’s parties.

Another important element will be the collection of the best love stories of Italian and international famous people. Although the project has already been submitted and approved, there are no details about the opening yet.

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