Sala Urbana: discovering Bologna's history through 188 coats of Arms

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Sala Urbana with 188 coats of Arms

The restoration of the gorgeous hall with 188 stemmi (coats) called Sala Urbana is finally over: the Collection located in Palazzo D’accursio in Bologna is now open to visitors which can have a look at the new ceiling and painted decorations from the Baroque age.

The Sala Urbana is named after Pope Urbano VIII: indeed, it was built in his honour by Bernardino Spada and designed by architect  Ercole Fichi, the artists Girolamo Curti and Agostino Mitelli whereas painter Michele Colonna decorated the ceiling. The 188 Coats of Arms of Apostolic Legates, deputy Legates and Papal governors will walk visitors through the history of Bologna and the Church from 1327 to 1744.

In 2006 the hall was closed but restoration works didn’t start until April 2013: thanks to two European projects, the hall has now a ceiling with modern frames and a new cover which protects paintings from the sun radiation. Also, a new ventilation system and a new low energy consumption lighting system are part of the project.

November 21, the restoration project will get a special award during the event called “Week of Bio-architecture and domotics” held in Modena.

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