Saint Peter's Basilica, the symbol of Christianity in the world, was completed 388 years ago

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A photo of the famous Cupolone

Saint Peter’s Basilica, considered as the “greatest of all churches of Christianity”, is the symbol of the Vatican City and is named after one of the twelve Apostles, probably the most important character in the Christian world after Jesus.

The Basilica is also the burial site of Saint Peter. Designed by different artists and architects, such as Donato Bramante, Raffaello, Michelangelo, Carlo Maderno, and Gian Lorenzo Bernini, it is the perfect example of Renaissance architecture. In the same site of the current Basilica, there used to be a church from the Constantine the Great age (320 AD). The construction of today’s church began on April 18, 1506, after three years Pope Julius II had been elected. The Basilica was finalised on November 18, 1626, under Urban VIII.

The Saint Peter's Basilica is 610 ft long, 150 ft high in the central aisle, with the main dome 446 ft high and 137 ft large in diameter. The huge façade is 374 ft wide and 154 ft high. It has a surface of 22000 square metres and 20 thousand persons can pray in it.

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