Pompeii and those raw clay pots before the Vesuvius' eruption occured

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One piece discovered by archeologists

Pompeii never stops surprising: archaeologists found pieces of pottery in their raw clay form where - they believe - it used to be a ceramics workshop near the Herculaneum gate.             

The vessels got covered from ash during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD and give us insights of the daily life in the city of Pompeii just before disaster. The clay vessels were used to drink or as food containers. The furnace was already discovered in 1838 and it seemed to be a working room where people created pottery and showed the ceramic techniques of that time. In a different workshop, other two furnaces were found and they were probably used to produce fine ceramics with thin surfaces. 

Archaeologists’ work in trying to uncover significant finds in Pompeii keeps going and, as UNESCO World Heritage Site, the European Union donated 105 million euros for a major restoration program called the Great Pompeii Project.

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