November 4: celebrating the National Unity with the Frecce Tricolori

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The Milite Ignoto

On November 4, Italy celebrates the National Unity Day and the Armed Forces as it marks the anniversary of entry into force of the Villa Giusti Armistice in 1918 as well as the end of the First World War.

This was once a National Holiday and Italians used to be off from work, at least until 1976. After then, they decided to celebrate the day on the first Sunday of November and, as time passed, its relevance decreased and it’s now just a moment of commemoration.

On this day, the Italian Republic’s President visits the tomb of the “Milite Ignoto”, the Unknown Soldier, which is a reminiscent of a soldier killed in the war and never identified. The tomb is located in the Vittoriano Monument, in the famous Piazza Venezia: today the Frecce Tricolori, the current Italian Air Force aerobatic display team, performed to spread smoke with the colours of the Italian flag over the square. In fact, the team's aircrafts are equipped with smoke generators capable of emitting green, red and white colours to be used in the most important celebrations, such as April 25 and June 2.

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