Italian coffee among the most sold worldwide in 2014 according to Italian Coffee Committee

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Italy is the fourth country for coffee exports

According to the Italian Coffee Committee, Italy is the third largest country in Europe and fourth in the world for roasted coffee exports, thanks to 410 million lbs (3.2 million bags) sold every year. More than Italy, only Germany, Belgium and the United States.

Italy has more than 700 roasters employing 7 thousand people, with a 3.1 billion Euros business, of which one billion is made from exports. France, Germany and Austria, but also the United States, Australia and Russia are the countries who most buy Italian coffee. Yet, Italy does not have coffee plantations and roasters import coffee mainly from five countries: Brazil, Vietnam, India, Uganda, and Indonesia.

Italy is also among the ten countries in the world with the highest consumption of coffee: despite Italians are giving up get an espresso at cafes, they all own a moka or a coffee maker. And a person can consume  an average of 12.25 lbs of coffee per year, while the European average is still around 10.91pounds.

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