CrazyForPazzi, the crowdfunding project to help complete the restoration of Cappella de' Pazzi

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The Capella de' Pazzi

The loggia of the Capella Pazzi is dated back in the 15th-century and it’s made of pietra serena: this grey sandstone usually crumbles over time, that’s why the current façade, the columns and the decorations are now very damaged and will need some restoration.

The Chapel is part of the Santa Croce Church, designed by Brunelleschi for Andrea de’ Pazzi's family. The chapel was used by the Santa Croce friars and in 1423 the dorm area got destroyed by a huge fire, along with the library of the monastery. To rebuild it the richest families in Florence, including the Medici, the Pazzi, and the Spinelli, came together and offered money. In 1429, the Pazzi family gave help to rebuild the chapter, creating a chapel in the back, and dedicated it to Saint Andrew, the patron saint of the same name of the buyer.

The loggia is now urging restoration to prevent it from further deterioration: for this reason, the Opera di Santa Croce, a non-profit organization, is collecting money in order to have more interventions. They have already raised 50% of the funds needed, but to complete the restoration they will need more help. In fact, the restoration will include the chapel cleaning, the reintegration and the final protection, in order to conserve the building as it used to be, without adding or affecting the Renaissance look. The names of people who will contribute will be inscribed into a handmade leather book, made at the Scuola del Cuoio. 

Read here how you can help. 

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