Costa Diadema, the new Queen of the Mediterranean evoking the Italian life

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A shot released from Costa Crociere about the new flaghip

Costa Crociere has presented its fifteenth ship and the new flagship called Costa Diadema. It weights 132,500 gross tons, it’s 300 meters long and 37 meters wide. It has 1,862 guest cabins and will be offering the best of Italian lifestyle, entertainment, food, and hospitality. 

The new flagship’s interiors have modern facilities and layout of public areas, and offers large, rooms overlooking the sea and interconnected. The goal is to create the atmosphere of an Italian seaside resort. The flagship offers a real “terrazza all’italiana”, which extends for over 500 meters and where guests can go for a stroll and relax in bars and restaurants, drinking a cocktail or having a romantic dinner. The Promenade measures from 5-8m across, with six cabanas and two jacuzzis positioned in wider areas that extend out from the side of the ship and create the feeling of being suspended over the sea. Guests can enjoy a leisurely drink or a romantic sunset dinner in the cabanas, comfortably sheltered from the wind.

The cost was around 550 million euros in construction which involved 1,000 shipyard workers and 2,500 subcontractors and 400 contracted suppliers, most of which are Italian firms, engaged for the fitting-out of the interiors of the cruise ship. In fact, the vessel also has 7,671 works of art on display aboard Diadema: an art gallery on the sea, designed by the American architect Joseph Farcus, with contributions from 41 artists, including 38 Italians, painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic artists, carvers and mosaic artists selected by curators Milan duo Casagrande & Recalcati.

The Costa Diadema will stop in five Italian ports in November - Trieste, Naples, Genoa, La Spezia and Savona. From November 8, it will leave Savona on seven-day cruises in the western Mediterranean Sea, calling every week at Marseille, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Naples and La Spezia, allowing guests to visit both Florence and Naples, two of the most popular Italian cities, and beautiful Mediterranean cities like Barcelona and Marseille, in a single cruise.

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