Sfogliatelle.Image by Davide M from Pixabay

Pastry Chef Giuseppe Manilia won the 2015 edition of Santarosa Conca Festival, the festival dedicated to sfogliatella, said to be created by a monk in 1700 in the Monastery of the basin of Marini.

The national festival, called Santarosa Conca Festival, gathers every year in the Amalfi coast the most famous pastry chefs able to make the delicious sfogliatella. The 2015 top prize was won by Giuseppe Manilia, the owner of pasticceria in Montesano Scalo. An excellent result achieved thanks to attention to details, both in taste and presentation that featured the theme competition “Emotions in Pink”.

Indeed, the fourth edition is related to the legend regarding the creation of the typical cake from Campania: the story goes back to the nuns living in the Santarosa Monastery: one of them was able to be in contact with a farmer through a crack opened in the wall. The nun used to give him, every day, some bread: one day she gave him the pastry and the farmer left a rose for her to show how grateful he was for the gift.

Giuseppe Montesano Manilia crushed the competition with his creation: a puff pastry cylinder, inside with lemon cream and mascarpone cream layered, crisp citrus, custard and jelly citrus and roses. all it decorated with raspberry sauce and a rose design made of cherry gelee.

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