YADA’s dancers swing, kick, pirouette and lift daily. Ballet shoes are hung and re-worn for Nina’s classes. Matias, the 12-year old mascot dancer, travels from over the sea weekly from the sister-island of Gozo to rehearse. Felix and the other choreographers study, day-dream and get inspired from the music to create. Costume designers and make-up artists meet up and communicate so that their creations will dazzle. Special effects, projections and visuals have started being built on computer screens. The YADA studios have started to look like bee-hives in preparation for their next production. It is a very exciting period.
DANCE RUSH tells the story of an orphan looking for his lost parents, who finds them through the media of music and dance. It takes this young boy on seven fantastic journeys –the world of Jazz, Opera, Classical, Rock, Swing, Ethnic and Commercial – until he reaches the climax. A young orphan re-finds home and fulfills all his wishes. It tells the story of us all, the need to come home, to find solace and happiness. And many times when we are away from “home” physically, mentally or emotionally, any familiar music will transport us just there. Dance is great. It can be transported all over the world and can be understood by anyone.
YADA is unique and original, and is well-known as a European-identity dance company. It pushes theatrical boundaries, involving the audiences with fever-pitch choreography. The whole theatre becomes the stage. 
The choice of music is eclectic – like a chocolate box, filled with varied tastes. YADA has matured through its 30-years of existence, but even when it started in 1984 with its first show, the audiences stood up and wanted more. The elements in the shows are simple: the understanding of human nature, a joie-de-vivre that is infectious, and, above all, the passion for dance that is so vivid and alive that makes one leave the theatre feeling elated. DANCE RUSH will deliver just that. It sets to light its American dream and make it a reality. The director’s principle goal is one: give joy, make one lose all negativity and find a sense in this senseless world.
YADA comes from the heart of the Mediterranean: Malta. Malta is only an island 14km by 29km. Tiny, with a population of only 450,000. Through the ages, Malta has been conquered by Prehistoric inhabitants, the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Arabs, the Normans, the Knights of St. John (the first true European Union), the French and finally the British. This weird but effervescent mixture is part of the Maltese heritage and personality. Malta is truly an incredible place, a small place where people have strong values, a high sense of education and powerful identity. Its people are hospitable, friendly, trusting. And they want to be heard. Artists here have developed a strong passion for the Arts, the true essence of it. They want to share, communicate, embellish. So, performing in the USA it’s for YADA truly magical, demanding, daunting…. and wonderful.
Dance rehearsals are in full swing and the dancers are reminded as they face their wall-to-wall mirror of this amazing journey that starts in San Francisco in January 2013, at The Palace of Fine Arts, right in the heart of the city. 
Humbly they shall be bringing their incredible journey from the Mediterranean Sea to the Pacific. A strong troupe of 40 dancers, singers, technical and artistic crew with one mission in mind: to deliver, perform and share in this experience. The DANCE RUSH experience.
DANCE RUSH, The YADA Dance Company – The Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco.
Opening 11 January 2013. Info and tickets at http://dance-rush.com/
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