Beach House in San Giovanni di Sinis, Sardinia

Region » sardegna



Beautiful beach house in the area of San Giovanni Di Sinis in Sardinia. The house has a total of 9 spaces for a total of 213 Square Meters (2292 Square Feet). The photo of the beach is taken in front of the house. If Sardinia is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches, San Giovanni di Sinis is one of the best in the island, situated very close to the Tharros archeological site and the Natural Protected Oasis of Seu. Please contact the owner if you have any question regarding this property, this one will sell very quickly!

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This house is sold directly, with an agreement between the seller and the buyer.The seller is, however, open to sale through a realtor (Italian or American). L’Italo Americano can help buyers find US based experts to deal with Italian laws, bureaucracy and logistics.