Gambero Rosso picked the best Pizzerias of 2015. Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay
What’s the difference between a pizza made by a pizzaiolo and a frozen one? According to Coldiretti, if all the ingredients are made in Italy, the pizza is going to be as authentic as any other. Indeed, giant Italpizza and a group of agricultural producers promoted by farmers’ association Coldiretti have reached an agreement to produce a pizza made entirely from ingredients sourced in Italy.
The company was founded near Bologna in 1991 from ingredients sourced through the Filiera Agricola Italiana (FAI) and it will try to face a growing tendency to source the ingredients for pizzas made in Italy from abroad. In fact, 63% of pizzas made in Italy “are obtained from a mix of flour, tomato, mozzarella and oil coming from thousands of kilometres away, without any indication for consumers.”
At the same time, many consumers stopped going to the pizzeria or go less often as a result of the economic crisis, preferring to eat pizza bought frozen and cooked at home. 

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