From the moment we entered the Mission Viejo Country Club, there was a long table beautifully decorated with original Venetian Masks and the two chairladies beautifully dressed and adorned with Venetian Masks over their eyes.  
JoAnn Waller and Mary Pizel were greeting the many members who were delighted to see the Country Club filled with Italians who were dressed in a variety of costumes and masks.  After “signing in”, they strolled into the Banquet Room.  
The tables were adorned with a mixture of white or black tablecloths and black and white napkins.  Truly dramatic! The centerpieces were designed by Mary Pizel and they were outstanding.  They consisted of a crystal vase filled with smaller masks, long colored feathers, surrounded by delicate pale netting on top of a mirrored round.  They were the epitome of elegance without being overbearing.
The M.V.C.C. had a display of a variety of cheeses, crackers, fruit, etc. which was on a beautifully decorated table.  These appetizers were enjoyed by the members during the Social Hour.
At Dinner time the staff waiters served the entrees which consisted of a mixed green salad with raspberry dressing and a choice of Pan Seared Bass with lemon verbena broth, Grilled Beef Tenderloin, cheese potato gratin and vegetables. This was followed by a Chocolate Torte, Passion Fruit Coulis.
During dinner Tony Ciaramitaro’s Sicilian Band played background music so that the members could enjoy their dinner and converse with their friends with whom they were seated.  After dinner Tony’s music came alive and we all danced away the night.  
A special presentation by Dr. Roger Franceschi was featured which was called “Matter Transference Through Energy”.  It was so interesting that everyone was very quiet and attentive (which is not an easy task for our wonderful Italians).
Kudos to Chairladies JoAnn Wallar and Mary Pizel for their outstanding ability to achieve a perfect evening, one that will be long remembered.
F.I.L.’s next event will be the Christmas Gala on Saturday, December 8, 2012.  For information call (949) 363-5348.

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