It’s summertime and the heat is making us all a little lazy.  Getting out to any event in the hot weather is a chore.  But going out for an early evening of fun and entertainment at the IMPROV, well, that sounds like fun. 

The crazy guys from “The Meatballs of Comedy” are doing a “KickOff” event for the “Feast of San Gennaro”.  The event on August 12 at the Hollywood Improv will be a fun time and a great way to laugh at some Italian humor we all enjoy.  Having been to their shows a few times I really enjoy the energy, the humor and especially the entertainment.
The Improv is hosting the event and “The Meatballs” are performing all for the benefit of the “Feast of San Gennaro”.  The tickets are only $20.00 for the performance and if you buy them on-line and use the code “FEAST”  they are half price. If you want to call the “Meatballs Of Comedy Hotline” you can order directly at (818) 646-0476.
I am looking forward to seeing the show and supporting the “Feast of San Gennaro”.  Come on out and enjoy the nightlife in Los Angeles and have some fun with the Meatballs of Comedy and their special guest Dom Irrera.  For tickets go to:

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