It seems that sometimes, the rest of the world appreciates the Italian classics better than Italy.  Really Italian pop music has something, some kind of melody that makes it unique. Through the notes of some old –and less old- songs you can really feel the scent and atmosphere of a sunny, slow paced town. Italians sometimes forget about the power of their musical tradition, too used at those notes. But the rest of the world doesn’t; they love Italian music and Italian musicians, especially when they are young, good looking and very talented.
Patrizio Buanne is the proof. Born in Naples, Italy, in 1978, Patrizio grew up between his home town and Wien, Austria, where his parents run a restaurant. He began his musical career at a very young age and rose to stardom after mesmerizing audiences throughout Europe with his vocal style and engaging stage presence.  Although music has been is passion since childhood, the big success for Patrizio arrived with his participation to an Italian TV show, which he won thanks to the interpretation of Diana by Paul Anka. The show led him to fame, first in Italy and then abroad, thanks to his European tour, followed by a series of concerts in America, Asia and Australia in the following years.
Three the albums he brought all over the world: The Italian, published in 2006, Forever Begins Tonight, 2007, and Patrizio, that came out in September 2011.
Today, he’s better known abroad than in his home country. Not a problem: Patrizio is literally a citizen of the world, not only because of his career, but also for his passion for languages; he currently speaks Italian, German, English, French, Spanish and Polish. This probably helps him feel home wherever he goes, and closer to his fans when touring all over the world. But Patrizio likes to remind everyone of his Neapolitan origins, which he thinks had a strong impact on his personality and his passion for music.
“Song e napule e si nun cant muore,” he wrote on his blog in 2010. Which means “I am Neapolitan, and if I don’t sing, I die.”
With a repertoire that goes from the classics Mambo Italiano and Tu vo’ fa l’Americano, to rearrangements of famous pop songs such as Alta Marea by Antonello Venditti and Angel by Robbie Williams, Patrizio combines the Italian and American tradition of the 50’s with more recent hits.
Romance will definitely be in the air with Patrizio’s 2012 tour here in California. He will be playing in Anaheim, at the City National Grove, on August 24th; in San Diego at Grand Del Mar on August 25th; and at the Roxy Theatre of West Hollywood, on August 26th. A location, this last one, which has seen the presence of some of the best international bands and solo singers during the past 30 years, and that is now welcoming the Italian star.
Patrizio seems to have many fans also in San Diego; for sure they won’t miss his appearance on stage at the The Grand Del Mar, San Diego’s only Forbes Five-Star, AAA Five Diamond resort. Located at 5300 Grand Del Mar Court, The Tuscan-themed ambiance of the exquisite Grand Del Mar hotel will provide the perfect backdrop for Patrizio’s performance in the Grand Ballroom of the resort.
Patrizio’s repertoire will include a collection of romantic and upbeat songs from the Italian songbook, as well as his own contemporary but timeless interpretations of American classics, from his most recent album, Patrizio.
More US dates are scheduled for Patrizio Buanne 2012 Tour. Check them out at
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