Image by Kerstin Riemer from Pixabay
Susan takes us on a journey in an Italian farmer and tells us how it helped relax and find peace.
Are you planning a trip to Italy but want to spend some time away from the maddening crowds? Did you know that many working farms, or agriturismos, that welcome visitors can be found in the country just beyond the bustling cities and towns? Here you will find peace, rest and serenity. After a day or two you will be ready to return to the many exciting sites and activities that Italy has to offer.
Recently, I spent some time at the Orsini farm in Umbria, near Lake Trasimeno. After an invigorating hike, we arrived and received warm welcomes from Mr. Orsini and his family. The farm, complete with a rustic stone villa, was alive with animal life. Puppies scampered about the doorway, geese honked in the background, and baby goats cavorted across the large front yard.
Lunch was served under a large pergola that offered lovely views of Lake Trasimeno. We enjoyed delicious varieties of crostini, pasta, wine and fresh bread with local olive oil. Afterward, we toured the farm and watched as the harvest of fagiolina beans were shelled by a free-standing machine.
Although I did not spend the night, it was the perfect outing to slow down and rejuvenate my spirit. 
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