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Sophia Loren. Photo by DenisMakarenko

Sophia Loren, season opener at Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts

O nce you exit the freeway – whether the “605” or “5,” depending on your route – an Emerald City appears on the horizon. No, you’re not re-...
Filmmaker Woody Allen and cinematographer Vittorio Storaro during the shooting of Café Society. Photo Courtesy of V. Storaro

Cinematographer Vittorio Storaro: Master of Lights and Colors

Three-time Oscar winner, Vittorio Storaro is more than just a legendary Italian cinematographer - recognized by the Academy for his outstanding...
Professor Frank Chindamo. Photo Courtesy of F. Chindamo

Learn from the top authority in “advertainment,” Professor Frank Chindamo

T he story of Frank Chindamo’s grandparents, who, in the 1920’s, emigrated from Cinquefrondi, a village in the Aspromonte (in Calabria, region of...
From bottom left clockward - Emanuela Panebianco, Jordi Caballero, Giovanni Moriconi, professors Doni Whitsett and Yuxin Pei. Photo by Menghuian He

Italian Entrepreneurs Bring China Closer to Hollywood

Let me introduce to you the three main characters of this new international endeavor, a high-end experiential learning tour aimed at familiarizing...
Filmmaker Laurence Vannicelli. Photo Courtesy of L. Vannicelli

Filmmaker Laurence Vannicelli: the new Fellini?

Why am I comparing up-and-coming, Italian-American filmmaker, Laurence Vannicelli to Federico Fellini, the most celebrated Italian auteur of all...
Filmmaker Giordio Serafini on the set of A Certain Justice. Photo Courtesy of G. Serafini

Giorgio Serafini’s storytelling, at the intersection of European Union’s identity and his personal trauma

Giorgio Serafini - who was born in Brussels, Belgium from Italian parents and currently lives in L.A. – must have been charmed by Political Science...
Visionary Chef Vinny Dotolo

Chef Vinny Dotolo: from Tampa Bay to Han Solo’s Kitchen and beyond

C hef Vinny Dotolo (born in Clearwater, Florida) was not the typical kid messing about the kitchen’s stoves and dreaming to head one day the...
IAMLA's Executive Director, Marianna Gatto

The newly inaugurated IAMLA in DTLA teaches us about our common past

1908 is a crucial year in L.A.’s Italian-American history for at least two reasons. First of all, in that year L’Italo-Americano was founded by the...
Jennifer Ferro, President, KCRW, Los Angeles

A Conversation with KCRW’s President, Jennifer Ferro

KCRW (89.9 MHz FM) is a National Public Radio station – founded at the conclusion of WWII - broadcasting from the campus of Santa Monica College, in...
Columbus Day today is a public celebration open to all those who share the warmth, the flavors, the history, and the values of Italy in the United States

Columbus Day vs. Indigenous People’s Day?

Recently, at City Hall East, Press Conference Room, it was held a discussion among representatives from the Indigenous Community and the Italian-...

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