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Silvia Donati freelance journalist

Silvia Donati is a freelance journalist and a contributing editor at Italy Magazine. A native of Bologna, she specializes in everything Italy-related and has a passion for Italian-American topics. She writes about her hometown and surrounding region of Emilia-Romagna on her blog, Bologna Uncovered. Follow her on Facebook and on Twitter

Many people are looking for a way to connect to their Italian heritage, while also longing for a closer connection with their food and with the earth. What is now considered gourmet has always been a part of the Italian diet.

The Italian American Garden Project

Sustainability is not a new concept for the Italian gardener. It is a way of life. To shine a light on this way of life, and its inherent wisdom,...
The painter Constantino Brumidi who decorated several rooms and walls of the  U.S. Capitol. Photo credit: Architect of the Capitol

Constantino Brumidi: The Italian-American Artist Who Decorated the U.S. Capitol

Constantino Brumidi: not exactly a household name, and yet he was the man responsible for the decoration of several rooms and walls of the U.S...
Piero Dri opened his workshop  in 2013. At 32 years old, he is the youngest of the four remers (the artisans who build forcolas) keeping alive the craft in Venice

Piero Dri: Keeping Alive the Legacy of Venice’s Skilled Artisans

When looking at a gondola, have you ever noticed that sinuous object supporting the gondolier’s oar? Well, neither had I, until I learned about it at...
Gianbattista Bodoni lived between the 18th and 19th century, and achieved a "rock star" status in the world of typography

Bodoni: More than a Typeface

More than 200 years after it was invented, the elegant Bodoni typeface is still among the most admired and largely used around the world. Indeed, it...
Forcola at Rialto (c) Paolifema CC via Flickr

How to Find Italy’s Authentic Handmade Treasures: Interview with Art Historian Laura Morelli

Art historian Laura Morelli is on a mission to help travelers to Italy in search of genuine handicrafts discern treasure from trash. Her “Authentic...
Lisa Condie four years ago, at 56, decided to move to Tuscany

Lisa Condie: After 50, Living A New, Richer Life in Italy

If you’ve ever dreamed of moving to Italy, but are too afraid to make the leap, read on: Lisa Condie’s story will inspire you. Almost four years ago...
Laura Bassi, a noted 18th-century Italian scientist and Europe's first female professor. Image: Cover of the book "Laura Bassi. Minerva bolognese" by Marta Franceschini, Alessandro Battara and Marta Cavazza

Laura Bassi: Paving the Way for Female Academics

Laura Maria Caterina Bassi holds a unique place in the history of science and education in the Western world: she was the first woman to be offered,...
Gabriele Marchi at work. Photo crediti: Silvia Donati

Stamperia Marchi: Keeping Alive the Tradition of Textile Hand Printing from Romagna

Preservation and innovation: that’s the philosophy behind the work carried out by the brother-sister team at Antica Stamperia Artigiana Marchi, an...
Mary Tolaro Noyes

Seduced by Bologna: Interview with Writer Mary Tolaro Noyes

“When I refer to discovering Bologna, I admit to an ongoing seduction by her unique past and modern charm, not the least of which are the Bolognesi...
Italian-American filmmaker Jonas Carpignano

Jonas Carpignano’s Mediterranea puts a human face on the migrant crisis in Europe

Italian-American director Jonas Carpignano is the author of the film Mediterranea, which tells the story of two African migrants, Ayiva, played by...

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