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Julia della Croce

Julia della Croce is a food writer and James Beard award-winning cookbook author and recipe developer based in New York. She is presently incubating a book about her family's ancestral region, Sardegna. Visit her website, www.juliadellacroce.com and blog, http://juliadellacroce.com/forktales1/, connect on Facebook: Julia della Croce - chef & foodwriter, Twitter: @juliadellacroce and Instagram: juliadellacroce.

Escarole soup with sizzling olive oil croutons, parmigiano-reggiano DOP shavings. | Photo copyright Nathan Hoyt 2017

What To Do With Escarole? Make Soup!

Escarole has always been a mystery to me. Not that we didn’t eat it when I was growing up, but as far as I could tell, no one else ever did in the...
Pork sausages atop braised lentils. | Copyright Nathan Hoyt/Forktales 2016 

For New Year’s: Lentils For Luck and Pork For Plenty, Infused With Holy Oil

Lentils and pork sausages, the first to represent coins, the second for abundance, served up together, has long been considered an auspicious dish...
Frappe with Powdered Sugar. | Copyright Nathan Hoyt/Forktales 2015

For Christmas: Angels’ Wings On A Platter

Many holiday foods, sweets in particular, are imbued with symbolic meaning, making anyone preparing them feel a connection to his or her tribe or...
Cinghiale brasato e polenta, Pulled Braised Boar over Polenta in an antique Deruta bowl

Essence of Umbria: Braised Boar

When I set out to sell a publisher on the idea of writing a book about Umbrian cooking some years ago, I was asked to sum up the cuisine in a short...
Risotto with Red Radicchio at Loggia Rambaldi, Bardolino | Photo: Copyright Paolo Destefanis (www.paolodestefanis.com) for Veneto: Authentic Recipes From Venice and The Italian Northeast, by Julia della Croce

Pink is the Color of Winter

The first snow clings to the splashes of stricken marigolds outside my kitchen window. Only yesterday, their little mop-heads bobbed undaunted,...
Pizza with pork sausage and rapini. | Photo: Copyright Nathan Hoyt, 2016

How About Some Super Healthy Greens on That Pizza Pie?

It’s hard to beat a well-made pizza margherita whose colors are the very symbol of Italy, but in the cool of autumn, I find myself craving a more...
Original lamb and eggplant meatball, without peel, close-up. | Photo: Copyright Nathan Hoyt/Forktales 2016

Meatballs and Memories in a Cape Cod Kitchen

“ I was still young when my life changed…. drastically. Shortly after midnight one Saturday… the smell of smoke awakened me. I ran to my mother’s bed...
Spaghetti all’amatriciana | Photo: Copyright Nathan Hoyt/Forktales 2016

Meditating Spaghetti all’Amatriciana

It is not easy to imagine that streets paved by the Romans that we still walk today could tremble savagely beneath our feet like they did in Amatrice...
Romano green beans with anchovy dressing. | Credit: Copyright Paolo Destefanis, www.paolodestefanis.com for Veneto: Authentic Recipes From Venice and the Italian Northeast, by Julia della Croce

Vegetable Love, Italian Style

It’s no surprise that vegetables are the bedrock of the Italian diet. For one thing, the climate is temperate and the growing seasons are blessedly...
Lumache (pasta “snails”) with raw Sun Gold tomatoes and avocado. | Credit: Nathan Hoyt/Forktales 2016

Of Pasta, Prodigies, and Sun Golds

Every now and then someone sends me a message that’s a real charmer. Here’s one I received about a recipe that appears in my first cookbook, Pasta...

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