julia della croce

Julia della Croce

Julia della Croce is a food writer and James Beard award-winning cookbook author and recipe developer based in New York. She is presently incubating a book about her family's ancestral region, Sardegna. Visit her website, www.juliadellacroce.com and blog, http://juliadellacroce.com/forktales1/, connect on Facebook: Julia della Croce - chef & foodwriter, Twitter: @juliadellacroce and Instagram: juliadellacroce.

Halibut Filets with Radicchio alla Trattoria Antiche Carampane, © copyright Nathan Hoyt

A Tart Tale From the Bridge of the Breasts

Even if the ancient fishing culture of the Venetian lagoon, like most of Italy’s maritime regions, has been forced to give way to importing some of...
Sage fritters (frittelle di salvia)

Sage “Frittelle” for an Italian Summer

Why on earth do we in America think sage is for sausages or Thanksgiving stuffing and, basta!? Ask me and I will tell you that sage is for summer —...
Spezzatino di vitello con limone e pinoli, Braised Veal with Lemon Zest and Pine Nuts, recipe from The Classic Italian Cookbook, by Julia della Croce (DK Publishing, London and NY). | Photo: ©Nathan Hoyt/Forktales, 2015

Spezzatino: Italian beef stew with a twist

Spezzatino, meaning “little bits of meat,” is Italian for stew, an infinitely more delicate description than our English counterpart. For the most...
Spaghetti with pistachio pesto in my New York kitchen. Credit: Copyright 2013 Nathan Hoyt/Forktales

Pistachio Pesto: A Sauce Fit for a Prince

If you’ve ever seen The Leopard, the film based on the famous novel by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa and set in Sicily during the time of the...
Zuppa Lombarda - Tuscan Bread and Bean Soup

To Begin: A talk with Award-winning cookbook author Julia della Croce

When the editor of this newspaper invited me to contribute articles about food, I was pleased to accept. Here, I can feel liberated to write about my...