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Venice, Arsenale historic shipyard, Gate and Canal View. Photo by lsantilli

The Arsenale in Venice – Modern Mass Production in Medieval Times

Taking its name from the Arabic for workshop, Venice’s Arsenale enormous shipyard was the real powerhouse of the city. Its 16,000 workers built an...
On June, 11, 2002, the United States Congress acknowledged Italian immigrant Antonio Meucci as the true inventor of the telephone

Pronto! Antonio Meucci, the man who really invented the phone

On June 11th 2002 the United States House of Representatives righted a wrong that had persisted for over 130 years. They passed a resolution honoring...
Tuscania, one of the most beautiful town of northern Lazio, Italy

Tuscania: Lazio’s lovely lavender gem

Founded by a legendary Trojan prince, occupied since Neolithic times and surrounded by fields of perfumed Lavender, Tuscania is the perfect hilltop...
Rialto bridge— Photo by Maugli

Crossing the Rialto Bridge in Venice

Venice’s iconic Rialto Bridge is on everyone’s Top 10 must-see list. But apart from taking a selfie at the top or a beautiful panoramic photo down...
Arches of an ancient Roman aqueduct, made of blocks of tufa. A path runs along the property in a green park in the outskirts of Rome.— Photo by Polifoto

Underground Rome: exploring the best sites beneath the Eternal City

Rome’s history dates back nearly 3000 years. And, amazingly, some of its oldest heritage is either still in use like the Pantheon, still standing...
View to Historic Center City of Perugia in Italy— Photo by ggkuna

Discover the real Perugia: so much more than just chocolate and jazz

Perugia is famous for two things: jazz and chocolate. In July its music festival turns the city into an enormous jazz club, drawing musicians and...
Contrada Wave parade marches in Siena, Italy. There are 17 contrade (districts) representing various traditional professions or groups of Siena history.— Photo by tupungato

Siena’s Secret Contradas

Strolling around the hilltop city of Siena is a glorious experience. The walled citadel perches atop three hills overlooking the Tuscan plains. Its...

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