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Bar San Calisto, Rome

In Memoriam - Pasquino eulogizes the Count of Ciampino

November is a month of wind and rain. Soaked in melancholy, Romans light candles on All Souls Day and sip vino novello on St. Martin’s Day. If I had...
The "carrettella", the eggshell shaped carriage pulled by two horses. In that carriage used to sit the "minenti" (usually seven or nine), who were the representatives of the low middle class and of the working-class, dressed up for the occasion

Ottobrata: Pasquino savors Rome’s Indian summer

October in Rome is its own season. During this fleeting Indian summer, morning mist begins to rise from the Tiber, moss traces veins in ancient...
Capture of Rome through the breach of Porta Pia on 20th September 1870

Venti Settembre (Pasquino remembers the Breach of Porta Pia)

Each year I dread September 20. On this day in 1870 Piedmontese artillery blasted a hole in Porta Pia, the fortified gate on the northeastern side of...
Poised on blocks of ancient concrete, I lean against a corner of Palazzo Braschi, home to the Museo di Roma.

Le Pasquinate: "O Monumento"

I stand in a small square at the end of Via del Governo Vecchio, a stone’s throw from Piazza Navona. Poised on blocks of ancient concrete, I lean...

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