zappala and vajda

Hungarian born Eszter Vajda, is an award winning international journalist who has worked in several TV markets across the U.S. Her talent is to “ignite fires” that spur interest, extract information, inspire, and empower people worldwide. She instantly fell in love with Sicily three years ago and now calls it her second home after Boston, Massachusetts.
Alfred Zappala, also originally from Massachusetts, now lives most of the year in Sicily. He practices law in Italy and is an accomplished author, recently releasing his fourth book on Sicily, "Sicily... Joy of My Heart”.

Eszter and Alfred have produced dozens of episodes with their hit video series ‘You, Me & Sicily’ featuring the people, places, history, culture and the island’s vast contributions to the world. The series, entering its 5 season, has touched hundreds of thousands across the world and helps raise awareness about Sicily. The two have become ambassadors of sorts for Sicily!

Vajda and Zappala are also Directors of the non profit 501c3 The Sicilian Project, teaching English as a second language free to Sicilian children. The camps, spread across the island, are meant to encourage conversational English and improve children's chances of getting jobs in the future.  

‘You, Me & Sicily’ is available on The Food Channel, Si Italia TV, Mad For Italy, Trip Films as well as YouTube, and of course also at L’Italo-Americano! Links to all episodes are at, and also through the dedicated Facebook page at