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Violinist Fabio Biondi. Photo courtesy of Ana da Labra

Fabio Biondi and his Europa Galante at the Walt Disney Concert Hall

In order to grasp the scope of the unique musical event, to be hosted at the Walt Disney Concert Hall on January 20th, we need to go back to 16th...
From left to right -Sergio Donati, Console Verde, direttrice IIC, ValeriaRumori. Photo courtesy of IIC-LA

In conversation with Sergio Donati: Once Upon A Time… Italy made great cinema!

It seems like fate has bestowed more than just the first name to Donati (13 April 1933) and Leone (3 January 1929 – 30 April 1989), both named Sergio...
 American author and playwright Daniel Smart "Dan" Fante. Photo: Ulf Andersen/Getty Images

Remembering the author, poet and playwright Dan Fante

John Fante (April 8, 1909 – May 8, 1983) was an American fiction writer and screenwriter. He was born in Denver, Colorado, to his father, Nicola...
Artist Fausto Roma, art critic Peter Frank and curator Alfio Borghese. Photo Courtesy of F. Roma

Conversation with Fausto Roma on the Traces of Jazz

Fausto Roma (Ceccano, 1955), is a rare example of painter, sculptor and visual artist, who despite extensive travels along the years, has decided to...
Francesca Archibugi, Maria Sole Tognazzi, P. Messina, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, V. Mastandrea, A. Borghi e L. Marinelli. Photo Courtesy of Sally Fischer PR

Italian Female directors make their voices heard at Cinema Italian Style

Cinema Italian Style (from November 12 through 16), yearly celebration of Italian cinematic art - co-presented by the American Cinematheque and Luce...
The LA-based artist Nicola Verlato standing in front of "Hostia", an ongoing figurative tribute to Pasolini. Photo: Vincenzo De Francesco

A conversation with the L.A.-based artist, Nicola Verlato, on his tribute to Pasolini

On November 2, 1975, the Italian intellectual, poet, novelist, filmmaker – in a word: Artist in capital letter – Pier Paolo Pasolini, was brutally...
Non Essere Cattivo's producer, Valerio Mastandrea. Photo Courtesy of Sally Fischer PR

How Valerio Mastandrea championed his late friend, Claudio Caligari’s, last artistic effort

Cinema Italian Style 2015 - annual showcase of the best Italian cinema – opened in big style, on November 11, with a press conference on our official...
Wallpaper in the making by Capitanio sisters. Photo  Courtesy of Sorelle Fine Arts

Sorelle Fine Arts: one way trip from Bergamo to L.A.

In 1994, the two sisters, Cristina and Laura Capitanio embarked in a one way flight from their foggy hometown, Bergamo – an urban conglomerate...
Giovanni Tommaso. Photo Courtesy of G. Tommaso

Exclusive Interview with Acclaimed Jazz Musician Giovanni Tommaso

In the past weeks, Giovanni Tommaso (Lucca, January 21, 1941) has been successfully performing at the prestigious 39th Annual Watts Towers Simon...

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