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Italian heritage, Italian culture, Italian cuisine, Italian tradition, Pan co' santi, All Saints' Day

Pan Co’ Santi, the delicious bread from Tuscany to celebrate all Saints' day

Tuscany at this time of the year becomes the place

Italian History, Italian heritage, Costa Crociere, Costa diadema

Costa Diadema, the new Queen of the Mediterranean evoking the Italian life

Costa Crociere has presented its fifteenth ship and

Italian culture, Italian Heritage, Italian history, Pompeii, Campania, archeology

Pompeii and those raw clay pots before the Vesuvius' eruption occured

Pompeii never stops surprising: archaeologists foun

Italian culture, Italian heritage, Italian american, Italian news, Italian traditions, Italian Cuisine, Zucchini

Fiori di Zucca, the zucchini blossoms specialty of the Italian cuisine

Moms and grand moms use to fry them, whereas they a

Italian heritage, Italian culture, Italian tradition, Italian travel, Sardinia, Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda, the most expensive place in Europe where to buy a house

300K Euros per square meter: this is the price for a hous

Cars, Ferrari, Italian culture, Italian heritage, Italian American, Italian news, Italian traditions

Ferrari Sergio, the new exclusive car for only six people worldwide

Ferrari cars are becoming more and more exclusive:

Wednesday Veg, Italian restaurants agreed to serve full vegan menu once per week

The proposal came from the association which fights anima

Italy, Tuscany, Val d'Orcia, Chianti, Siena

Val d'Orcia, the Tuscan valley with an idyllic atmosphere

The Val d'Orcia has been listed among the UNESCO World He

L'università del Caffè, the school where students learn about the art of making coffee

The Coffee University was originally founded in Naples an