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Italian culture, Italian heritage, Italian traditions, Italian history, Sala Urbana, Bologna, coats, Sala degli Stemmi

Sala Urbana: discovering Bologna's history through 188 coats of Arms

The restoration of the gorgeous hall with 188 stemmi (coa

Italian food, Italian Cuisine, Italian heritage, Italian culture, Italian American, montanare, pizzette, Naples

Montanare, a small bite with traditional fried pizzette

The montanare are small pizzas usually homemade: original

Italian architecture, Italian arts, Italian heritage, Italian American, Verona, city of love

Verona, the Italian city of love, will have soon the first Museo dell'amore

Verona, the city of love, will have soon a museum called

Italian architecture, Italian American, Italian art, Italian history, Vatican City, Rome, Saint Peter, Basilica

Saint Peter's Basilica, the symbol of Christianity in the world, was completed 388 years ago

Saint Peter’s Basilica, considered as the “greatest of al

italian History, Italian Heritage, Italian culture, Italian American, Tuscany, Piedmont, Sicily, Google Street View

How to use Google Street View to discover the Italian countryside

The famous Langhe where Barolo grapes grow; the wild Mare

Italian culture, Italian heritage, Italian American, Italian traditions, Bologna, Fiera di Santa Lucia

Fiera di Santa Lucia, the oldest European Christmas market opens in Bologna

The Chiesa dei Servi along Strada Maggiore is home to the

Italian economy, Italian American, Italian heritage, Italian culture, Italy, coffee, exports

Italian coffee among the most sold worldwide in 2014 according to Italian Coffee Committee

According to the Italian Coffee Committee, Italy is the t

Italian art, Italian American, Italian architecture, Italian culture, Naples, Italy

The Statue of the Nile God: il corpo di Napoli back to its original beauty

The Statue of the Nile God is a sculpture considered one

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