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The ghost town of Craco

The fascinating ghost town of Craco

Only 25 miles away from the Gulf of Taranto sits Craco, one of Italy's most famous ghost towns. Built around the 8th century, the village once...

FAImarathon helps you discover Italy

Italy's cultural heritage includes an incredible number of wonderful buildings, churches, courtyards and palaces that are, too often, known only by a...
Bracciano, just outside Rome

Bracciano: an oasis of peace outside Rome

It seems almost impossible to find such peace and quiet so close to Rome, but Bracciano is just that: an oasis of calm just outside the city. Located...
Ponte Gobbo

The Devil's Bridge of Bobbio

There are many impressive Roman bridges around Italy: one of the most interesting is the Ponte Gobbo ( Hunchback Bridge) , also called Ponte Vecchio...
Italiano Lingua Viva

Italiano Lingua Viva: the Italian language around the world

The second edition of the campaign “Stati Generali della Lingua Italiana nel mondo 2016 - Italiano Lingua Viva”is taking place in Florence this next...
Ginrosa: bittersweet drink from Milan

Ginrosa: the cocktail that makes Milan proud

Every place has a signature drink and Milan, buzzing, energetic and always fashion conscious, is not different: if you want to taste an authentic...
Pappa al pomodoro: recipe for traditional tomato and bread soup

Pappa al Pomodoro: traditional tomato and bread soup

Pappa al pomodoro is a simple tomato and day-old bread soup and is absolutely delicious. You can enjoy it hot, warm or even cold... depending on the...

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