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At Libreria Acqua Alta, books used and new alike are showcased on all kinds of unorthodox "shelves" such as small rowing boats, gondolas, canoes and even bathtubs

Unexpected Venice: the secret Venice most don't know

Venice is one of Italy’s top travel destinations and always strikes a chord with those visiting it, but while the main sights are definitely worth...
Spoleto, Umbria, artistic town, musical town, italian culture, italian heritage, italian american, italian news, italian traditions

Spoleto: fall in love with Umbria’s most artistic and musical town

Nestled in the country side in the hilly region of Umbria , in the province of Perugia, Spoleto is a lovely town, rich in history and with an amazing...
Corno di Capra peppers

Corno di Capra, the Italian heirloom variety of pepper

When it comes to peppers, we all know the basics: bell peppers are sweet, habaneros are extremely hot, some are good fresh, some are better dried...
Valtellina offers a lot to the wine lover looking for an unusual wine region

Valtellina: the hidden gem of Lombardy, beautiful in all seasons

When one thinks about mountain holidays, depending on personal preferences, one envisions either white peaks and powdery snow or green fields dotted...
Christmas market in Bolzano with lights and decorations— Photo by AntonioGravante

Finding the Christmas spirit in markets around Italy

Christmas time. Children love it: as the days go by and the 25th approaches they can hardly wait to see what Santa is going to leave underneath the...
The San Lorenzo Feast in Florence

Notte di San Lorenzo: 8 celebrations not to be missed

Want to wish upon a star? Every year, come August 10th, people all over Italy wish for a cloudless sky and, possibly, for a new moon – the perfect...
Ancient walls of Castelfranco Veneto, west side (XII-XIII century) in the province of Treviso, north Italy — Photo by catalby

A Day Trip To Castelfranco Veneto

The quaint walled town of Castelfranco Veneto, in the Veneto region, province of Treviso, is too often overlooked while visiting the area for the...
The coast of trabocchi is a stretch of the Abruzzo coast about 60 kilometers that from Villafranca comes up in San Salvo.It is characterized by the presence of the overflow, wooden structures leaned into the sea pressed for the fishing with large nets — Photo by Vercingetorige

Seven ways to get to know the region of Abruzzo

With its rugged beauty and breathtaking panoramas, the Central Italian region of Abruzzo is a magical place that offers the chance to enjoy steep...
Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli. Copyright: alessandro0770 / 123RF Stock Photo

A journey through Italy’s lesser-known UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Did you know that Italy counts a whooping 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites? That makes it the country with the most sites on the World Heritage List...
Corvara at Night, Alta Badia, Dolomites Alps, Italy — Photo by anshar

Italy’s breathtaking rooftop, the Dolomites: the can’t-miss sights and activities

Pink rock peaks set against the bluest of skies, surrounded by century-old pine trees and tons of snow: it’s really no wonder that the Dolomites are...

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