The apple of Valtellina

We’re at the Valtellina’s largest fruit-growing cooperative, Melavì. Here you can taste the famous apple from Valtellina, a PGI product. The apple tree fields are huge, 700 hectares! And there are a lot of bees working very hard all day long to pollinate the apple blossoms…

Would you like to spend a week in one of the most picturesque areas of the Italian Alps? Here  is what you need to do! Get “The Italian Gourmet Holiday Raffle” tickets to get a chance to win 7-day stay at La Fiorida, a Luxury Resort & Spa located in the famous area of Valtellina. (20% will be donated to the “I Love Norcia” association to support the reconstruction of the town, dramatically hit by the recent earthquake)

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