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Pomegranate Lemon Chicken. Photo by laperla_foto

The Glorious Festive Pomegranate

The glorious pomegranate has only recently gained in popularity on our winter tables. Many are, at a minimum unsure how to peel the cute little fruit...
Panforte from Siena

Italian Christmas Delicacy: Panforte di Siena from Tuscany

Panforte is a typical dessert originally from Siena, Toscana region. It’s a type of spiced bread that can be enjoyed all year long, but especially...
Beet Agnolotti with Ricotta Salata

Beet Agnolotti with Ricotta Salata

Growing up, beets out of a can never sold me on this oddly colored vegetable. But today, fresh beets in all colors and sizes are everywhere. You can...
Prosecco cocktail with Cappelletti

A Late Night Nibble

What to eat before Midnight mass? On Christmas Eve that is always the question in our house. We’ve eaten a big feast just hours before, but by the...

Zabaglione: elegant and traditional dessert

We are right in the middle of the holiday season and that means we are busy. But we still want to serve delicious and satisfying food. What to do...

Sweet Treats for Santa and La Befana

The whirl of the holidays means lots of parties and lots of visitors to feed, but when I was a kid my main concern was feeding two very special...
Italian-American ricotta cheesecake

The Story of an Italian Artisan Cheese Maker

I had heard of Wolf Meadow Farm and Luca Mignogna when I was writing Great Italian American Food in New England. About two hours north of my home on...
Corno di Capra peppers

Corno di Capra, the Italian heirloom variety of pepper

When it comes to peppers, we all know the basics: bell peppers are sweet, habaneros are extremely hot, some are good fresh, some are better dried...
Camapari nibbles

Campari-spiked Desserts to Welcome in the Holiday

With the holidays upon us, sometimes you simply need a good stiff cocktail to ease the stress or wait, perhaps a soothing dessert would better calm...
Chocolate and Red Chili Tiramisù

Chocolate and Red Chili Tiramisù

Chocolate and Red Chili Tiramisù
Pollo in potacchio con patate

Cooking Le Marche Style: Pollo in Potacchio

Finally home from an unforgettable six weeks in Scapezzano—the small town in the Marche region of Italy where my grandfather grew up before...
Vongole in Potacchio

Cooking Le Marche Style: In Potacchio

Potacchio refers to a traditional style of cooking originating from Le Marche, which involves tomato, garlic, white wine and rosemary. Variations in...
Polenta with vongole

Le Marche: Polenta con le vongole

Le Marche—the region of Italy on the Adriatic Coast east of Umbria—remains largely unknown to most Americans. Europeans and South Americans know...

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