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Alessandra Belloni teaching students in NYC

Alessandra Belloni Brings Ancient Italian Folk Music to New Audiences in New York

La musica italiana is a powerful art that brings people together. It will never cost you a dime in overweight luggage fees to take home. It will...
Giovanni Tommaso. Photo Courtesy of G. Tommaso

Exclusive Interview with Acclaimed Jazz Musician Giovanni Tommaso

In the past weeks, Giovanni Tommaso (Lucca, January 21, 1941) has been successfully performing at the prestigious 39th Annual Watts Towers Simon...
American folk musician Ben Slavin

Ben Slavin: using folk music to change image of Naples

American folk singer Ben Slavin wants his music listeners to know where he is coming from. For nearly ten years, Slavin has been living in Naples...
In one night festival's goers can see a mind boggling number of different shows and genres

Music under the stars: Ferrara Buskers’ Festival

Street musicians, free performances and the excitement of never knowing who is going to perform around the corner: buskers’ festivals are gaining...
Italy’s DJ Massimino X-One. photo credit: Samuele Schiacchitano

Italy’s DJ Massimino X-One: The Beat Goes on

One DJ who has built his career on a mixture of...
Jacopo Giacopuzzi. Photo/courtesy of Jacopo Giacopuzzi

Italian pianist Jacopo Giacopuzzi: from Verona to Los Angeles

A young pianist from Verona, Jacopo Giacopuzzi is an up-and-coming pianist in our very own backyard. A performer at heart, he has participated in...
One of the most creative Italian music bands of the 21st century, Capone & BungtBangt. Photo courtesy of the band

Capone & BungtBangt: Ecology and Music lessons from Naples

In recent years, the beautiful Campania region in Italy, and mostly the city of Naples, have sadly made the news for the shameful waste management...
San Francisco and the Bay Area welcome the best of Italian music, photography, cinema

San Francisco and the Bay Area welcome the best of Italian music, photography, cinema

From music to book, from photography to cinema: spring in San Francisco has never been as full of Italian events as this year. Indeed, whoever loves...

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