You, Me & Sicily: Homemade Sicilian Cooking

Sicilian sauce, pasta and eggplant parmesan on this episode of "You, Me & Sicily!" All past episodes are at

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Chestnut flour: Tuscany simple treasure 

I am just back from a trip to my little home in Montalcino, in Tuscany where the long, hot summer has come to a close. There was finally a chill in...

Lentil Soup- good for the body, mind, and soul

Lentils, (Lens culinaris), part of the pulse family, are one of the first domesticated crops in human history and have fed populations for thousands...

Spiedini, speducci and arrosticini!

Spiedini, speducci and arrosticini: let’s talk about the difference… Or not! Let’s face it, they all lead to the same thing - little morsels of meat...

Playing with grapes: do try this at home

With the season drawing to a close, the bounty of summer is starting to taper off. I still love the juicy goodness of my fresh tomatoes and the...

Melanzane ripiene, stuffed eggplants

No other topic, not even religion or politics, provokes such enthusiastic discussion in my mother’s family like melanzane ripiene, or stuffed...

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